About us

SAI STAR ASSET MANAGEMENT is an independent asset management company focused on delivering to our investors superior long – term performance through a dynamic approach to portfolio and risk management

Our objectives are always aligned with those of our investors and, combining the accumulated expertise with a disciplined and at the same time innovative investment process, are aiming to:

  • Generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in a low interest environment
  • Preserve the invested capital
  • Accumulate wealth in the face of global financial crises

The company was founded in 2006 following the growing range of opportunities offered by the Romanian financial market. Since then, throughout several market cycles, the company has been able to preserve and grow its investors’ wealth, establishing itself as a reliable partner for over 100 private and institutional clients. Our success is built on a solid platform combining financial strength, integrity, a team with outstanding financial market expertise and excellent capability to identify opportunities across the core asset classes of equities, bonds and money markets.

In order to be able to deliver investment strategies aligned with our investors’ risk and potential return profile and assist such different types of investors in capturing the full potential of investment markets we offer four managed funds:


Open-end investment fund with medium risk profile. Main asset class is represented by shares listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange..


Open-end investment fund with a low risk profile. Your funds are predominantly invested in money market and fixed income financial instruments.


Alternative investment fund aimed at institutional investors and wealthy individuals.


Alternative investment fund aimed at institutional investors and wealthy individuals.

  • Why invest with us

    Our strong financial market experience has helped us develop a unique mix of competitive advantages that underpin the delivery of consistent performance in any economic environment.

    SAFETY. Protecting the investment of our clients is the fundamental principle that guides us through any decision. In line with this conviction, we have designed a rigorous risk management process that ensures the best balance between risk and opportunity and the stability of funds in case of unexpected market events.

    EXPERTISE. With many years of experience in the industry, both our management and our shareholders enjoy solid know-how in managing investments. Understanding the dynamics of financial markets as well the development of an innovative analytical process, have allowed us to deliver superior results while mitigating various risks.

    PERFORMANCE. Our goal is to identify the best investment opportunities and get attractive returns throughout entire economic cycles. The best proof of performance is the loyalty of our clients: since the inception of any of our funds, over 90% of clients have kept their accounts active.

    ACTIVE MANAGEMENT. Managing investments at the highest standard requires a continuous process of strategic analysis, risk management and anticipation of the directions of the financial markets. Being convinced that only active portfolio management can deliver the expected results for our investors, we employ all the necessary resources and know-how in order to fulfill the relevant requirements.

    INDEPENDENCE. SAI STAR ASSET MANAGEMENT is not a division of a financial group. As an independent entity, we benefit from greater flexibility and quicker reaction to market trends, opportunities and threats. In addition, the company’s shareholding structure includes the management team in a significant proportion, which strengthens the alignment of our interests with those of our investors.

  • Message to investors

    Eleven years ago, a small group of experienced managers in the financial industry started SAI STAR with the strong conviction that the Romanian market needs an independent investment management company with an innovative strategic approach and oriented towards superior performance.

    During this time, we have enjoyed the trust of a growing number of private and institutional clients, currently managing assets in excess of 100 million RON.

    We are fully commited to excellence in everything we do. We strive to meet the financial and investment objectives of our clients through employing an experienced team of professionals, a rigorous risk control process and innovative investment strategies. We believe in diversification as the means to generate consistent low-risk results – a philosophy that means not only in the diversification at the level individual assets but also when it comes to actively rebalancing investments across various asset classes.

    Although during the last few years we have witnessed one of the most difficult period in economic history, SAI STAR has proved its solidity and value. During 2009-2017, we obtained returns exceeding 50% for FDI STAR FOCUS and 95% for FDI STAR NEXT; our objective for the next period is to protect the real value of the invested capital and stand ready to take advantage of the expected economic recovery. Although we can not promise short term results, we are confident in achieving exceptional performance in the medium and long term.

    We constantly look forward. The evolution of financial markets, the current sub-valuation of equities, as well as the reduction of interest rates on bank deposits make this, for any investor, a perfect moment for diversification and the placement of available funds in an investment management company. Together, we can create added value through responsibility and expertise.

    Thank you!

    Alexandru Danila – General Manager

S.A.I. STAR ASSET MANAGEMENT SA was established following the Decision no. 730 / 23.03.2006 of the National Securities Commission (currently the Financial Supervisory Authority – ASF) under the registration number PJR05SAIR / 400021 in the ASF / CNVM Register; its main object of activity is the management of UCITS (Universal Undertakings for Securities) and the management of alternative investment funds (AIFs).